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Who knew? Hippie organic food is a conservative movement. From this review of Pollin’s new book In Defense of Food: What’s striking about Pollan’s argument is how fundamentally conservativeit is. Echoing many of Burke’s arguments, Pollan elevates the wisdom oftraditional customs over the relatively puny powers of Western reason. One ofthe most powerful of Burke’s […]

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History Through Cookbooks

According to this website: Annual corn sweetener consumption increased to 79 pounds in 2003, up 400 percent from 1970. This steep rise in corn sweetener consumption is largely due to high-fructose corn syrup, a low-cost substitute for sugar in beverages. When you combine sugar and corn sweeteners, in 2003 Americans consumed around 142 pounds of […]

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Greasy Spoon Eateries

When I was in high school my brother and I wore braces, and our orthodontist lived, oh, I don’t know for sure- in another town that I think was an hour away. There was a greasy little Mexican cafe there that served the most delicious chalupas and chimichangas I have ever had. Full of tasty […]

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Boiled peanuts

As I mentioned here, I unwittingly purchased a huge bag (around two pounds or more) of raw, unsalted, peanuts still in the shell, and I had no idea what to do with them as none of us were interested in shelling them. I asked here for advice, and boiled peanuts, which I did recall eating […]

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The Headmaster’s Lunch

A few days ago when I linked to this post at Meredith’s blog I said I would try to remember to post a picture of one of the HM’s lunches. This is the lunch I packed today for the HM to take to work tomorrow. It’s not one of my best efforts, but not one […]

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