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Intelligent Housewifery

The Good Housekeeper, Or the Way to Live Well, and to be Well While We Live: Containing Directions for Choosing and Preparing Food, in Regard to Health, Economy, and Taste… Sarah Josepha Buell Hale Weeks, Jordan and Company, 1839 I love vintage era housekeeping books.  I have loved them since I was quite young and […]

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“Dainty Breakfasts”

The following is from a delightful British cookbook published in 1899. I promise you it is worth your time to read through it.  It may be the most entertaining cookbook I have ever read.  The title alone makes me laugh.  The full title is: A Dictionary of Dainty Breakfasts, by Phyllis Brown, With a Tabular […]

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Lunches and Snacks

Recipes below adapted from recipes found in the book From The Complete Home: an Encyclopædia of Domestic Life and Affairs: The Household in Its Foundation, Order, Economy … A Volume of Practical Experiences Popularly Illustrated… by Julia McNair Wright Published by J.C. McCurdy & Company, 1879 edition. These recipes were originally presented as ‘side dishes,’ […]

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‘Crispness Compels Mastication’

From a 1907 Good Housekeeping advertisement for shredded wheat cereal:   Can you imagine an ad for cereal today using a phrase like ‘its crispness compels mastication?’ That is one of the things that always strikes me about ads of yesteryear- the advanced vocabulary, as well as the text heavy focus. This one is actually […]

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Two Wine Theory

A few large denominations in the US are tee-totallers.  This often puzzles others, who read that Jesus turned water into wine in the New Testament story of the Wedding at Cana and thus, not illogically, conclude that Jesus was not offended by wine-drinking.  This is what the world of Christendom at large believed, up until […]

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