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I adore hot drinks in the winter.  If you’re a person who thinks winter only belongs in movies like Frozen (*raises hand*), you’re also desperate for things to help you get warm on the inside. Enter hot cocoa, hot cider, hot coffee, and hot tea. The health factor is definitely better for the last one (not […]

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Of Motherhood, Pumpkins, & Time

“Almanzo asked Father why he did not hire the machine that did threshing. Three men had brought it into the country last fall, and Father had gone to see it. It would thresh a man’s whole grain crop in a few days. ‘That’s a lazy man’s way to thresh,’ Father said. ‘Haste makes waste, but […]

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Thrifty Tuesday: Clothing Children With Thrift Store Finds

I really do not understand buying most of children’s clothes brand new. Why not? They outgrow their clothes so quickly, have very few strong  personal opinions on their clothing (they do require comfort, like everyone else). Thrift shop clothes have the added advantage of going through the wash a few times and being played in […]

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Thrifty Tuesday: The Hopefully Back with Linkies Edition :)

I apologize for the delays in the last few postings on this topic; shortly after I started the Thrifty Tuesday series, a young mother’s class started in my home on Tuesday nights. Maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t have to do some flurried additional tidying before company comes over and if that’s the […]

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Thrify Tuesday: Selling Online With Thrift Shop Finds, Pt. 3 ~ Is it Ethical?

Back in my first post on the topic, one of our readers left this comment: “I love your family blog, but I can’t say I’m 100% on board with this “resell thrift goods” trend. I have a close friend who scours thrift shops for antiques and has made herself a lucrative online resale business (she […]

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Thrifty Tuesday: Selling Online with Thrift Shop Finds, Pt. 2

Well. I was going to post about how eBay’s listing fees were some of the costs to initially consider, but then today they put out a rather big announcement ~ starting in May you can list 50 free Buy it Now listings in a month (more if you pay for a store subscription). This is a […]

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Thrifty Tuesday: Selling Online With Thrift Shop Finds, Pt. 1

What do all these items have in common? They’re some of the thrift shop finds that I’ve sold on eBay since January. Remington Curlers: bought for $3, sold for $42 (I paid shipping). Lands’ End Cashmere Sweater: purchased for $3, sold for $18 (plus shipping). Vintage Play Food: purchased in a bag of misc. toys […]

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Movie Review ~ Oz the Great and Powerful

The Strider had an unexpected evening off from work this week (actually, he had several off but that’s a long story I may get to in another post) and so we took the opportunity of going on a date. We’d both been interested in the Oz movie from trailers and so it seemed like a […]

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Education, Empowerment, and the HM (oh, and a $100 giveaway!)

I (The DHM) grew up in a home that valued education- not just formal education, but learning as a lifelong pursuit that adds joy and purpose to one’s life anywhere.  In my life with my husband and children, I have tried to continue to make that philosophy part of everything we do, whether we are […]

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Thrifty Tuesday… The Better Late Than Never Edition

It’s been one of those weeks… a husband home sick from work (so grateful that he now qualifies for FMLA time off!), children getting over being sick but not on their normal sleep schedules yet… you know how it goes. It’s also snowing. Quite a bit. This far into winter, the snow does little to […]

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