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Challenge your thinking

Read it all. Some of the rhetoric will sting. Strip the emotionally charged language. Strip the emotional reactions from your response.  Think about the facts, the reality, the way the world around you actually operates. Are all cultural practices morally neutral?  Do you also believe racism is a systemic part of western or white culture?

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Mountain Village, Philippines

Several of the younger generation (mostly guys in teens and 20s) at our congregation routinely visit villages and small churches up in the mountains. The places they go are only accessible by motorcycle and on foot. For some of their routes they leave their motorcycles at the last village accessible by trail and then walk […]

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Saving the West

“One of the leading philosophers of our time says Western culture will have to be handed down outside the ivory towers and college lecture halls – and he has strong reason to believe that its promulgators will be successful.”   The whole article is worth reading.   There are many ways to rage against […]

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Culture stuff

Asked Korean friends to define pittakkage- 삐딱하게- which is most often translated as crooked but via context means something much different than the usage in ‘there was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile.’ So they tried to demonstrate with a series of charades. They showed somebody sitting in church and crossing their legs. […]

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Current events

Grievance study: Writers Behind ‘Grievance Studies Scandal’ Address Criticisms   The Grievance Studies Scandal: Five Academics Respond Moral panics:   Media dereliction of duty: Media Mangles Its Duty to Question Ford Susan Collins’ speech on Senater floor: why she will vote yes on Kavanaugh:

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