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Feinstein’s release of Fusion transcript

Feinstein released testimony from Fusion official before the investigation is over.  She says it’s the full testimony, but significant parts have been redacted.  You can go read it.  Problem is, so can witnesses who had not yet given their testimony, so now they can check their stories in advance. Oddly, while Feinstein ignoring committee chairman […]

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Still Recovering from Flooding

People are still recovering from flooding here.  We’re fine, but just about a mile or two up the road, they aren’t.  Some of the people are staff at our school.  Some of the leadership from school visited families and asked what their biggest needs were, and they said school supplies and clothes for kids, and […]

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NYT : Private misgivings on MeToo

Private misgivings about “MeToo” You’ve got to read this. Of course, it’s largely only written because some of her cherished figures on the left have been smeared with the accusations. I don’t much care about that, to be honest. You let rapists and killers (Clinton, Kennedy) be the voice of the left while claiming moral […]

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Purple Flower

I downloaded a magnifier for the phone camera, and then I played around with it, adjusting the lighting as well. The above picture doesn’t really reflect just how very purple these flowers were. They were even more gorgeous when magnified and focused on the hidden centers:  

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This is fun]

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