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How to pronounce PyeongChang

The Chang part of PyeongChang should rhyme more with tong or chong or bong than it does with tang or sang.  It’s ‘ohng,’ or, rather, the whole word is 평창. It turns out that NBC Olympics commentators aren’t just being ignorant when they consistantly mispronounce PyeongChang to rhyme with one of Dracula’s teeth.  It’s a deliberate policy […]

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A Box of Food Idea for SNAP

The gist of it is here. RAndom thoughts in no particular order- right now it’s an idea only barely beyond brain-storming, from what I can tell. The idea at this stage is that it will only be a replacement for part of their SNAP allotment. There will still be the SNAP debit card, just in […]

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Food Hunger in America

Food Hunger In a twitter debate on whether North Korea is really worse than American (seriously), somebody kept throwing around the claim that 1 in 6 Americans is going hungry. Here’s what that means. It means that in a subjective survey on feelings, one in six, or one in eight, depending on reporting (and even […]

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The Obama Portraits

The portraits are here: I’ve read one story saying Michelle Obama chose the artists herself, several saying the Obama’s chose them together, and one or two saying he chose his, she chose hers. I don’t know which is right. But it seems clear they didn’t choose without knowing the styles of the artists they […]

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Media’s Asian coverage at the Olympics

Let me just say straight up that it’s an embarrassment. It’s cringe worthy. It’s ignorant. Here are some examples- On twitter this was posted by a reporter and described as the Asians being ‘an unruly mob of counterparts. This is an interesting exercise in cross-cultural…. something. What do you see happening here? Now possibly […]

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