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Anachronistic fiction   When you insert modern pov and accomplishments anachronistically- well, sometimes it’s fun.  But sometimes, you also end up denigrating the real lives of real people.  you make it seem easier than it was.  You lie.

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Pink insect eggs?

Update: Snail eggs. They are golden snail or apple snail eggs, an invasive species originally imported on purpose to provide food, but people don’t eat them that much, they carry a flukeworm that is bad business if they aren’t cooked well enough, and they eat loads of rice fields. But aren’t the eggs so pretty? […]

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The island of Barbuda is only around 60 miles long, and Hurricane Erma was nearly 400 miles wide.  The entire island was evacuated in advance of the storm, and supplies laid in on the island of Antiqua, where the residents now live.  Nobody knows how long it will take to rebuild.  Meanwhile, 500 school storm […]

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Science Fiction booklists

This is a great site for finding sci-fi short stories. I love their various categories so you can find the sort of thing that you really have a hankering for. The World Turned Upside Down– a fun collection of short sci-fi that is quite suitable for teens, although it is all older stories and so […]

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Commencement Addresses

Brain pickings characterizes the best and most timeless commencement speeches of all times this way: “Across them runs a common thread of what seems to be as much a critical message, the message, for the young as it is an essential lifelong reminder for all: No social convention of success should lure you away from […]

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