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Day Two

These are going to be out of order, and possibly posted more than once, largely due to my wonky and incredibly frustrating issues with the blog and my internet connection. Apologies for that. Hope you haven’t already seen this five times. Day Two: Fun facts: We Left Chicago in the morning at 10 or 10:30 […]

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Free Kindle Reads: Written learning is a fixed luminary…

Tradition is but a meteor, which, if it once falls, cannot be rekindled. Memory, once interrupted, is not to be recalled. But written learning is a fixed luminary, which, after the cloud that had hidden it has passed away, is again bright in its proper station. So books are faithful repositories, which, may be awhile […]

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Beginning our Third Week in the Philippines

I’m going to have to figure out something to do about our internet connection because this is driving me nuts. I can hit refresh all day long, and eventually get a five minute window to try to post something- but as often as not, in the middle of trying to post I will get this […]

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Vintage Recipe: Cheese Dream

The first sentence had me really excited about this recipe. ┬áIt is delicious, but you’ll recognize it: “Our tried and true tea-house friend, the Cheese Dream, occasionally comes out in new dress. Try the following, for there is nothing better than any sort of perfect Cheese Dream for any lunch or supper. Make sandwiches of […]

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Random Observations

Interesting factoids: clothing brands hire the people who work in the clothing stores and sell you clothes, not the stores. Bring your own toilet paper. IT’s a comfort room, not a bathroom. Hot water is only available in your shower if you buy an external hot water. I don’t know how they all work, but […]

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