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  Above is a little toy kitchen set with little plastic fod and a sink and stove.  There is not a toy oven because hardly anybody has one.  And the food- all the toy kitchens include things like whole chickens and fish.  I love it. This hello kitty set includes a grandma doll, and there […]

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Legalities of the Travel Delay Stay

To be clear, we can hunt around the webz and find legal eagle opinions on all sides of this.  This is just one.  And, no matter what the decisions, I don’t think we can be sure it’s not at least partially tainted by politics rather than a neutral stance strictly based in the Rule of […]

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chicken adobo

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ice cream cones

10 pesos each, or .20 each

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Traveling From Chicago To Davao City

Although Davao City is a huge international metropolis of 1 and a half million people, there are no direct flights from the U.S. to Davao.  We came by way of Manilla.  If doing it all over again, I would look and see if there is some other way to get to Davao- going through Singapore?  […]

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