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The Salimba

The salimba, an unusual old and now new again traditional Filipino musical instrument: How one is made:   The unusual story behind the re-establishment of this instrument:

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Intra Cultural

Had a delightful dinner with Korean family new to the Philippines.  We ended up singing songs around the table after dinner- they liked Bruno Mars’ Count On Me, I like Jeon In Kwon 제발 (Jaebal, or Please) ** We all love Simon and Garfunkel, and we got started because the father of the other family and […]

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Please, by Korean legend Jeon In Kwon

Melissa Blaire translated the lyrics a couple months in the comments to the above youtube video: 제발 그만 해둬 Please stop now 나는 너의 인형은 아니잖니 I’m not your doll,am I? 너도 알잖니 You know it too 다시 생각해봐 Think about it now 눈을 들어 내얼굴을 다시봐 Open your eyes & look at my face […]

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Quantum Mechanics

Life comes from life, but nothing comes from nothing. This is a problem for materialists. “In 1973, physicist Edward Tryon of the Hunter College of the City University of New York published a paper in the British science journal Nature titled, “Is the Universe a Vacuum Fluctuation?” He proposed the idea that the Universe could […]

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New ancient line drawings in discovered in Peruvian desert

You know those giant petroglyphs (really geoglyphs) in the ground in the desert, pictures you can only see from the sky?  In Peru they just found fifty more.   More here. Isn’t it wild?

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