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Odds and Ends about Life in Davao

Day I do not know, Davao Diary- various and sundry- My comeuppance after my eat their food post- I am not eating the food.  I don’t know what it is, but something disagrees with me with unpleasant results which I will not detail because it would be foul and disgusting.  I mostly feel okay.  I […]

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Short Lessons and Readings

It seems counter-intuitive to stop a book or a lesson while the child is still enjoying it, but there are reasons.  We have touched on many of them here before– but here’s another, gleaned from a story by Ina Hervey: “The hour devoted to this exercise flew by so rapidly, that the children could scarcely […]

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Media: I don’t care, and you are the reason why.

Obama sentenced whistleblowers to 31 times the prison time as all previous presidents combined.   The press did not really give that fact much coverage.  Perhaps they were afraid. But I am supposed to be outraged that President Trump called on some other media source before the AP. “All hype and spin.” “Restrictive in every […]

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Share their food

As missionaries go, we are possibly the least trained, officially speaking, of anybody here. It’s okay for the most part, from our end. But I can’t imagine this is a good choice for a young family just starting out who have zero overseas experience and not much cross cultural interaction anywhere. And probably any other […]

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Reading: Sea of Skulls

Vox Day’s Sea of Skulls The prologue and opening chapter feature a stomach churning horrible attack on a local feudal lord’s holdings and a subsequent rape of the only survivor by orcs and a favorable description of a intimate union between a sorcerer and a young woman who possesses latent magical talents. Because of a […]

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