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Why Do We Have To Know This Stuff?

This is a really interesting and fun old short story about an archaeology expedition on Mars and the efforts of a member of the team to decipher a language for which there can be no Rosetta Stone. Or can there? It’s Omnilingual, by H. Beam Piper It won’t convince a die-hard skeptic, of course, because […]

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The Boy walked with his classmates at the private school he’s been attention part time since we moved to the Philippines.  We gave him a diploma.  What I am saying here is that tonight I handed him a piece of paper marking the end of my 29th consecutive year of homeschooling.   Aren’t I supposed […]

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Martial Law

Mindanao (the island where we live) is under martial law because of fighting between the government and terrorist groups in a city about six hours from here. Davao City is now in something called hold and secure.   More here.

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Bible reading and young children

Q. How do I get my 3 y.o. to narrate? You don’t.  Narration, the kind where you ask the child to tell you back (rather than his own spontaneous retellings) doesn’t start until six. Q. If I don’t teach him how to do this now, how will he do it when he’s of school age? […]

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Buko (Coconut)

I should have taken a picture yesterday but I was too hot and sweaty to think about it, so you’ll have to make do with a description of the first part, although I did find a photo that is similar but not quite the same. There is an open air stand not very far from […]

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