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Charlotte Mason Education: Nature Study

Many people put off nature study and the nature journals that go along with a Charlotte Mason education.  They put it off until they know more, until they are more confident, until they have a schedule down, until they’ve learned more.  There’s nothing wrong with this- to a point. The problem is when a delay […]

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Children are worthy of the best- that’s not elitism

“I believe the unique difference in this method of learning over all others is that Literature weaves a Golden Thread through all the subjects taught. Enthusiasm for Good Books is the Main Theme.   Whatever fault there may be in the Parents’ Union it is certainly not lack of enthusiasm. This enthusiasm springs from contact […]

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Vintage Apple Dumpling Receipts and Tales

(Transactions of the Indiana Horticultural Society – 1879) Recipes come from various vintage sources, all published before 1900, so use them at your own risk. BAKED APPLE DUMPLINGS: R0ll thin any nice puff paste and cut into square pieces. Pare and remove the cores from nice stewing apples and roll an apple in each piece […]

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My new fandom club

these look so fun Hippy happy shoes I love these shoes. I found a company in Hong Kong that ships to the Philippines for a dollar and the clogs pictured in the second set were about 20 dollars.

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 Just another example of the Press doing the kind of thing that makes normal people distrust the Press. We know they are not on the side of truth. They have a narrative to sell. “I’m offended” really means, “The mob is coming, and you are the next victim.”

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