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Spaghetti Squash Stir-Fry

Ingredients, have these all chopped and ready to go: Cooking oil or fat reserved from other cooking Approximately 6 cups of roasted and shredded spaghetti squash 4 cloves of minced or chopped garlic (fresh is always better) 2 cups each: grated carrots, green beans (chinese long beans are fine) rinsed, trimmed, cut into pieces about […]

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Essay on Man, 2

Part I is here   Pope’s Essay on Man is divided into four parts.  However, in a 1900 school edition of the Essay on Man, Joseph Seabury said ” “The poem is an integer. It should be read contin- uously, thoroughly, slowly, and read to the end. Weigh each word : each word has force. […]

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What Racism Looks Like to Me

If you think voter ID is racist, then I think you are a racist whose racism goes deep down to your innermost assumptions.  Are brown people dumber than you, that they do not know how to get an ID? Are they cut off from society more than you, so that they don’t already have the […]

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Charlotte Mason, Art, and the Science of Relations

In Childhood, the Prelude, William Wordsworth refers “To those first-born affinities that fit Our new existence to existing things, And, in our dawn of being, constitute The bond of union betwixt life and joy.” Webster’s 1828 Dictionary gives several meanings for ‘affinity:’ 1. The relation contracted by marriage, between a husband and his wife’s kindred, and between […]

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Parmesan Crackers and Parmesan Straws

I think either of these would make a good dish to have for weekly tea with the children, the sort of tea where you do picture study, read a poem, or have a little read aloud or a discussion of your favourite reads that week. The sort of tea that might turn out like this. […]

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