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A Throne of Bones– a ripping good fantasy novel, is free for the next four days. Not free, but a fun read: The Last Dragon Slayer, Jasper Fforde’s first juvenile novel (Fford wrote The Eyre Affair and other Thursday Next). The Quark Beast, is my favourite. .99, The White Company by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle […]

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K-Dramas since moving to the Philippines

Catching up on my dramas has been slow. On the plus side, we have a young neighbor who is Korean and teaches at our school, and we have him over for dinner a couple times a week, I’m honorary Auntie to another young Korean teacher at the school, my closest coworker (I’m at the high […]

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I visited the Philippines over 25 years ago, when Clark Air Force Base was still controlled by the American military. I took Jeepneys then, and found it easy. This time back, the only jeepney I’ve taken in the seven months we’ve lived here is one that was ‘bespoke’ for us by a Filipino friend- he […]

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“Peace Through Violence” Thugs and fascists protesting free speech. Have you been listening to a single voice, imagining that one person of colour speaks for all persons of colour (but only so long as they hold the right viewpoint?) Diversity is more than skin deep. This is who and what the left stands for, defends, and […]

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Language Travails

On the one hand, we’ve now been here seven months and I feel like I should be a lot closer to fluent than I am, and what I am is not even managing some kind of understandable pidgeon version of the language most of the time. I’ll struggle and struggle to get out the words […]

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