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Phrasal Verbs Follow Up

Follow up, there’s another one.  They are everywhere.  Why is it follow up, and not follow on, or follow in, out, down, over, beyond, etc? They trip up native English speakers, too.  Sometimes, as somebody pointed out in the comments, they trip up people who have been taught to be too squeamish about ending sentences […]

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Nature Study Picture: Muskrat

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Phrasal Verbs

This was a new one to me, and I wondered why I’d never heard it before.  The smartest woman I know explained to me that this is a term helpful for those learning English as a second language. It’s not really what native speakers call these words.  On the off chance that maybe I am […]

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Timely Reminder

Bill Clinton rode on the Lolita Express over two dozen times. Sometimes he ditched his security to do it.  The owner of the Lolita Express, Jeffrey Epstein, is a convicted pedophile.  Epstein has been protected by the Democrat establishment for decades.  The media remains distinctly lacking in any curiosity whatsoever about the underaged girls he […]

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CNN and Fake News

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