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All discoveries begin with wondering

One of the best ways to test your understanding of a geographical term is to read a description or definition, and then attempt to either draw it, or to model it using blocks or other small objects. Then look for a picture and compare the picture to your rendition, correction any mistakes in your understanding. […]

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Vintage Directions for Storing Sweet Potatoes

KEEPING SWEET POTATOES. Put a layer of corn-stalks on the smooth surface as thickly as you can, and cross-lay with another layer of stalks. Spread over the stalks about four inches of pine straw or any other straw. Next, nail together four planks or boards, forming a hollow. Bore holes in each side of this […]

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Raccoon tracks

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Copywork Page: William Blake This is an experiment. How does it look from your end? Can you print it out and is it the right size? maybe: How about this one: Piper by William Blake Copywork Page by heartkeepercommonroom Piper by William Blake Copywork Page

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Cultural Differences

I feel sure I have mentioned one of these before, but it continues to amaze and amuse me at the same time. The Philippines is a hot, tropical country and not everybody has refrigeration (or air conditioners). Repeatedly when we have guests and serve things in bottles or cartons- cream for their coffee, soy sauce, […]

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