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How Nice Has Changed

From Webster’s 1828: Nice NICE, adjective [G. To eat dainties or sweetmeats] 1. Properly, soft; whence, delicate; tender; dainty; sweet or very pleasant to the taste; as a nice bit; nice food. 2. Delicate; fine; applied to texture, composition or color; as cloth of a nice texture; nice tints of color. 3. Accurate; exact; precise; […]

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Reading Widely

A wise education and so judicious reading should leave no great type of thought, no dominant phase of human nature, wholly a blank. Whether our reading be great or small, so far as it goes it should be general. If our lives admit of but a short space for reading, all the more reason that, […]

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Butterflies and poets

  The camera is just a sepia toned shadow of the real image.  The butterfly (or moth) was far more brilliantly toned than shows here. It really reflected back the red of the gate.   Somehow, I was reminded of the Juan Carlos Williams poem: so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with […]

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Indiana butterfly Drunk on nature-brewed mulberry wine. #BeautyInTheWorld #HolyMoments

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“Do you see deer?” This is something my Pinoy friends often ask when I describe where I live. Yes.  Yes, I do. I am back in the U.S. for a few weeks and I easily see  couple of deer a week, if not more. Above, one misty, moisty morning as I drove my son to […]

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