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That was fast

Yesterday, NFL players and coaches rubbing fans’ and viewers’ noses in their disdain for America and her flag was free speech (agreed, and so is being disgusted by the particular expression) and today you’re a White Supremacist if you *do* respect the flag, the anthem, and/or the country, or you merely stand during the anthem […]

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redbird flower

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K-Drama: Don’t you need to go to the hospital?

Have you noticed that? The smallest injuries or minor illnesses and somebody asks a character why they aren’t going to the hospital, and it seems to weird to me. ┬áTalk about drama! I came across this while reading Culture Shock! Korea (this version published in the 90s, so some things are a bit out of […]

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Ice at both poles growing, contradicting Global Alarmist Predictions

Expect this not to make a lick of difference, since global warming alarmism is motivated by political greed for power and control, not by science, and they have an army of brainwashed, very zealous dupes. “In the Southern Hemisphere, sea-ice levels just smashed through the previous record highs across Antarctica, where there is now more […]

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1907: ‘The Day of the Electric Kitchen…’

Good Housekeeping, Volume 45 Front Cover C. W. Bryan & Company, 1907 Written at a time when electricity was still fairly new and not always a given, I find this article interesting for the things it brings up that we might take for granted today, so much so it doesn’t even occur to us (the […]

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