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Blogging on the bog

Further down the Headmistress briefly refers to the bog in our yard. The bog where she abruptly and involuntarily parked the van Tuesday night (you can see a picture here). From the air The Common Room driveway looks like a large needle, or at least, it did before the Deputy Headmistress and Zookeeper did some […]

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Magellan’s Voyage, from JennyAnyDots

We are having technical difficulties getting JennyAnyDots added to the Common Room. We don’t wish to get bogged down in technical details, but suffice it to say that the Deputy Headmistress is sometimes an idgit. Meanwhile, here is an entry from JennyAnyDots’ narration journal for Magellan’s Voyage, a Dover Publication of the account by Antonio […]

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Copywork about manners

Come when you’re called,Do as you’re bid,Shut the door after you,Never be chid ***************** Hearts, like doors, will open with easeTo very, very, little keys,And don’t forget that two of theseAre ‘I thank you’ and ‘If you please’. ****************** Please remember – don’t forget –Never leave the bathroom wet –Nor leave the soap still in […]

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News Stories to Watch

Oil for Food and the UN Scandal:———-More on Eason Jordan and the way the print paper is handling the situation. Tell me what you think of this:————-The Patriot Act: (note: I haven’t read everything at that site, but they promise civil debate, so I hope they mean it). —————-The Gates, a work […]

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Christopher Columbus, Mariner

JennyAnyDots and Pipsqueak are reading through this book by Samuel Eliot Morison for school. Today they’ll be reading the last portion of chapter 18 and the first two pages or so of chapter 19 (many parents would wish to preview this section).Sometimes they trace the maps in the book (Pipsqueak says they especially did this […]

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