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True Confessions of Parenting

The Deputy Headmistress is fond of a certain rather florid writing style. She thinks it is fun to sound a pretentious, preachy, stuffy governess of the Victorian Age. The Headmistress loves to lose herself in yesteryear as a gentle and inexpensive vacation from real life. She wishes others to enjoy this escape with her, but […]

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A Tale of a Kilkenny Cat

There once were two cats of Kilkenny,Each thought there was one cat too many;So they fought and they fit,And they scratched and they bit,Till, excepting their nailsAnd the tips of their tails,Instead of two cats there weren’t any.**********************************************Here’s a tale of one cat from KilkennyWho thought Equuschick had ten fingers too manySo she threw a […]

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North Korea, Part III

Previous posts on the LA Times story on NK and conditions in NK arehere and here. Hugh Hewitt emailed some questions about the article to its author, Barbara Demick. He posted those questions and her responses here. He also links to other blogs that discuss his interview or other aspects of the NK story. The […]

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A Chance to Help a Child

Joey is a little boy with an incredible story. Some day we hope he’ll be telling ti to everybody. We don’t know Joey, but Joey’s grandmother goes to church with a relative of the Common Room family. Our source told us the following: Little Joey pulled a big screen TV down on top of him. […]

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It’s about Freedom, 2

The Tulip Girl posted in the comments below: For what is currently going on in Ukraine, I recommend Dan’s recent post, A Better Kind of Normal. The Deputy Headmistress is thrilled that Tulip Girl actually looked at something on our blog, and tickled, well, orange, with her excellent reminder. You see, the Headmistress actually found […]

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