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The Garbage Collection Wars

In the imaginary city of Anytown, a rogue commissioner appointed his own garbage collectors who toted guns, killed, maimed, and tortured citizens, and never actually took out the garbage. As the garbage piled up, it posed a threat to neighboring towns as the wind blew foul odours across town lines, making neighboring citizens ill. The […]

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My back hurts- and that reminds me…

A few years back I was chatting on the phone with a Charismatic (as in the religious belief in miraculous gifts of the Spirt being current) friend. I shared with her the sometimes debilitating back pain I suffer, and I also said that in some ways it had been a blessing, because I get some […]

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The Legalist

I asked him to pick up his shoes, which were on the floor. He argued that they weren’t shoes, they were boots. Whatever, I said. They’re yours, they don’t go there, put them away. His socks were inside the boots/shoes, so he took them out and left those dirty socks on the floor. Then he […]

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The Chosen, by Chaim Potok, for JennyAnyDots

And so Reb Saunders reveals his plan was not merely to train Danny to take his inherited position, but rather to pass along the tradition of the tzaddik so that if Danny chose to reject the old world, he would be prepared to enter the new one with a compassionate soul, not merely with a […]

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News and Commentary for the Common Room Students

The Deputy Headmistress has combed the blogs and the news searching for articles that will not bring a blush to maiden cheeks, yet are newsworthy, interesting, and offer ideas to think about. Here are today’s results: Read the article “Many Partings” from the Belmont Club Have you been following the Syria/Lebanon stories in the news? […]

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