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Proverb for Today

This entry is long, heavily linked, and will take time and strength of mind and heart to read. It is not (I mention for the benefit of a private party and you-know-who-you-are-I-hope-and-bless-your-heart-things-are-all-good-between-us) directed toward a specific person, but rather addresses, again, a specific situation. It really did come up on its own, without reference to […]

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Lift Up Your Hearts

I came across an unfamiliar term in my reading this week. Looking up the definition brought me to another unfamiliar term. Looking up the definitions to both terms brought me to a goose-bumpy, breath-holding, sense of holiness. The terms I did not know will be familiar to Anglo-Catholics and other high church types, so familiar, […]

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More on Terri Schiavo and ‘brain death’

A friend of mine over at Greasy Joan (you know the line from Shakespeare, right?) has blogged about her experiences as a ‘brain-dead’ individual whom her doctors wanted to just peacefully ‘let go’ here and here, and also here. Blogs for Terri points out that the same sherrif who has refused to investigate Michael in […]

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Root Canal Steam of Consciousness Post

Pain, pain, PAIN, pain, pain, pain, ow, oooh, ow-Breeeaaaathepain, PAINpainpainpainpainpainpainpainPAINaiiiiiiiiiieaaaaaaaaabrrrrreeeaaaathhhhebreathebreathebreathe And that’s just paying the bill.

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Tale of a Suitcase

Several of the Common Room scholars have read I, Pencil, the story of a pencil’s production and marketing. Today read the story of a suitcase.

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