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A Unique Opportunity

Joe, over at Evangelical Outpost, offers The Gallery as a weekly feature on his blog. You’ll want to click on that link first and read through his post and the comments. The Headmistress is pleased to note that Modern Art and the Death of a Culture is cited frequently. Now go look at a recent […]

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Naming a Baby, Scratching a Rash

Have you ever tried to name a baby a really special, unique, unusual name? You look through the baby books and you think long and hard about all the names you’ve ever heard of. You discard the ones you hear all the time- you don’t want something common. You finally pick out a solidly out […]

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Which is larger- the King James’ Bible, or the U.S. Tax Code? Which is the greater number- the number of days in the year or the number of separate forms, schedules, and instructions published by the IRS? Answers may be found here. One of the many things that make our Headmaster a rare and noble […]

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Is Justice in America a ‘Dark Myth?’

According to this article, it is. Finds a connection between the Schiavo case, Sandy ‘scissorhands’ Berger, 527s, and the Minuteman project.

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“Bring Me a Brown Sack…”

The family posting at The Common Room is a former military family. This means we have many moves under our belts. The Deputy Headmistress, since her marriage some 23 years ago (where does the time go?), has established our hearth and home in some 16 or 17 separate domiciles. She does not count places where […]

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