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The Real World, 2002

The DHM frequently runs into tiresome people who tell her that her family just does not live in the Real World. The DHM pinches herself and notes that she is real, and that she is alive, and that her family’s world is just as real as those less pleasant. The REal World is the one […]

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Spelling Lesson

Pipsqueak: What is the plural of cyclops? Headmaster: Is that with one i or two? (The correct answer is cyclopes, which then makes it a three syllable word. No, the DHM did not know that. She had to Look It Up.)

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We Heard it on the Radio

This afternoon I listened to the radio while driving JennyAnyDots around. We listened to our local public radio station. I’m not sure if we were actually hearing NPR or some BBC show aired on NPR. Whoever it was, we heard lots of reporting on the appointment of Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI. Unfortunately, I […]

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Vandalism as Art

Some of the previous Common Room posts on art are here, here, here, and here. Today’s article is here. The juicy extracts: An artist who randomly vandalised nearly 50 cars as part of a project said yesterday the owners should be happy they were involved in his “creative process”. Mark McGowan, 37, will display pictures […]

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The Bookcases

Some of our friends will remember this post early on in our blog. This week the Deputy Headmistress agreed to purchase some more bookcases. Forty-eight of them. Bwahahahahahahaha

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