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Books build character

A few months back a friend and I exchanged our thoughts on how we can warn our children about the dangers of certain character flaws or the negative results of some of life’s poorer choices. I prefer to use books. This is one reason why we don’t limit our reading to books where the characters […]

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Stopping Time

Most mothers get terribly excited when a child transitions out of one stage into another. The first lost tooth, the last diaper, the first step in independent reading, the last time a child needs help with shoelaces, birthday parties- these are all supposed to be joyful events. I have always found these milestones to be […]

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Kerrynitions and Instruction in His Faith

Kerrynitions: Words defined Kerry style “Forces outside the mainstream now seem to effortlessly push Republican leaders toward conduct that the American people really don’t want in their elected leaders, inserting the government into our private lives, injecting religion into debates about public policy where it doesn’t apply.” Some Kerrynitions:Forces: People I don’t likeMainstream: The Democrats […]

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News and Stuff

If you want to read the transcript from the Senate hearing on Bolton’s nomination, here it is. Powerline has another transcript, an excerpt of one of the funniest exchanges between Biden and Bolton. Hugh Hewitt has this pithy explanation of the filibuster issue: All weekend long every GOP senator should tell every newsman and constituent: […]

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The Primrose Post

I thought I’d share an adaptation of a post from the past, another forum, another time (i think the FYB was either an infant, or he was still in the womb), but, I hope, of some general interest and quite suitable for spring: Dear _____________(insert your name here), Thought I’d share what the kidlets are […]

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