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Polyester Tires, Woven Skyscrapers

ARticle here. See the slideshow, as well. Bonnet-tip to Evangelical Outpost Textiles are no longer just the stuff of clothing, carpets and furniture covering. Made of high-tech threads, they can also be found in lifesaving medical devices and the bodies of racing cars. One architect is proposing building a skyscraper out of carbon fibers. “I […]

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Home Schoolers are the Real Education Reformers

In an article titled Homeschooling Alone- Why corporate reformers are ignoring the real revolution in education, Greg Beato writes: Despite homeschooling’s increasing popularity—a recent report from the U.S. Department of Education estimates that approximately 1.1 million students are now being homeschooled in the United States—neither corporate altruists nor philanthropic foundations have shown much interest in […]

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Broad Band Obstructionism

Media Citizen writes: We have Big Media to thank for saving Americans from themselves. Just as the notion of affordable broadband for all was beginning to take hold in towns and cities across the country, the patriots at Verizon, Qwest, Comcast, Bell South and SBC Communications have created legislation that will stop the “red menace” […]

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Zookeeper and Charges as Zoo Exhibits

If you scroll around this blog very much you will probably gain the impression that our family is a bit odd, offbeat, eccentric, strange, and possibly even weird. We’re sorry if that’s the case. We’d rather you got the impression that we are definitely weird. The Headmistress is going to indulge in a little bragging […]

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Using sick relatives in petty revenge games?

REgarding Mae Magouirk, reports are that granddaughter Beth Gaddy has denied her grandmother’s siblings the right to visit their sister in the hospital. In fact, Suebob reports that security guards remain in Mae’s room and have escorted the relatives from the premises. Ken Mullinax, Mae’s nephew, tells Blogs for Terri that his lawyer asked Beth’s […]

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