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Poetry Snack for the Domestic Divas

April continues, therefore, so does National Poetry Month. Carmon, that delicious Prairie Muffin, has been sharing poetry at Buried Treasure Books, and she recently turned to more modern works, in particular a poem by Wallace Stevens. Wallace Stevens’ poetry is intellectual stuff, requiring strong thought and hard work of the reader, so some discussion followed. […]

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Movie Review

We finally got around to watching Luther. We’ve been hearing good things about it for quite some time, but didn’t think it was available in our small area. I found it Thursday night in the tiny grocery store of a one grocery store town nearby, purely serendipitiously. We really liked this movie. We yearn for […]

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Be Still My Soul

Be Still My SoulTune: FinlandiaComposer: Jean Sibelius Lyrics by Catharina von Schlegel, 1752 1. Be still my soul, The Lord is on thy side;Bear patiently the cross of grief or painLeave to thy God to order and provide;In every change He faithful will remain.Be still my soul; thy best, thy heavenly FriendThrough thorny ways leads […]

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Books build character

A few months back a friend and I exchanged our thoughts on how we can warn our children about the dangers of certain character flaws or the negative results of some of life’s poorer choices. I prefer to use books. This is one reason why we don’t limit our reading to books where the characters […]

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Stopping Time

Most mothers get terribly excited when a child transitions out of one stage into another. The first lost tooth, the last diaper, the first step in independent reading, the last time a child needs help with shoelaces, birthday parties- these are all supposed to be joyful events. I have always found these milestones to be […]

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