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Roger Simon’s Blogthis one: The phony partisan reductionism of calling UN reform a “conservative mantra” is insulting and stupid and the idea of equating it with Tom DeLay et al ludicrous. Much as Mr. DeLay makes my skin crawl and I am willing to believe many of the accusations against him and his cronies in […]

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More Quotes from Sense and Sensibility

I mentioned this book at some length here. I hated quoting only a sentence or two from that wonderful passage, but I had to stop somewhere so that I had room for other comments. This is where I can satsify my Sense and Sensibility cravings: As Elinor tries to comfort her sister, and Marianne tells […]

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News that Tickled my Fancy This Morning

Plenty here to read about boots on the ground and military appropriations, but this is the part that tickled my fancy:Rumsfeld: “I think the only people who could conceivably be talking about a draft are people who are speaking from pinnacles of near-perfect ignorance.” He added, “The last thing we need is a draft. We […]

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Recycled Rooster, or, Don’t Mess With Texas

UPdate: Welcome to Carnival of the Cordite visitors- Thanks for coming, and we hope you enjoy the entertainment. Feel free to look around our blog, leave a comment (G rated, please), and bookmark us to come back again sometime. Another post you might enjoy is here.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We live in the country now. We have lived in […]

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Something about me that maybe you didn’t know

It’s like this- I love hippie style natural foods places, the more hippie and new agey the better. I like to wander around in those places and soak up the atmosphere. I like to thumb through strange books and read odd notices on the bulletin board. I fondle unusal and preferably organic veggies and pick […]

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