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Political Sleight of Hand?

From Lucianne: Senators Byron Dorgan, John Kerry and Richard Durbin pulled a fast one last week on their congressional colleagues. They tried to bury forever documents alleging that senior government officials tried to transform portions of the IRS and the Justice Department into a goon squad for attacking political enemies and aiding political friends. Original […]

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Books and Character, Part the Second

Part one appears here. I’ve been writing some version of the following post for the last year or two, reposted it in various forums, with a bit of tweaking to keep it fresh each time. Here is the latest version, nipped and tucked here, expanded a little there, freshened up a bit all over. Charlotte […]

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Tsunami Relief

See this blog. See this blog count. This blog counts the money. The money Americans donated for Tsunami relief. Did the Americans donate many dollars? Yes, yes, they did. “Over a billion dollars in private donations for tsunami relief.” Americans have many, many faults. Stinginess is not and never has been one of them.

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Political Dances

Who was in favor of ending the filibuster option a few years back? Who was oppposed? REad this article. When Republicans balked at some of President Clinton’s nominees, Democrats spoke forcefully about the injustice of it all. “An up-or-down vote, that is all we ask,” said Sen. Tom Daschle in 1999. “Our institutional integrity requires […]

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Anybody know what’s happening

with the Dominion Family Blog?

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