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News that Tickled my Fancy This Morning

Plenty here to read about boots on the ground and military appropriations, but this is the part that tickled my fancy:Rumsfeld: “I think the only people who could conceivably be talking about a draft are people who are speaking from pinnacles of near-perfect ignorance.” He added, “The last thing we need is a draft. We […]

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Recycled Rooster, or, Don’t Mess With Texas

UPdate: Welcome to Carnival of the Cordite visitors- Thanks for coming, and we hope you enjoy the entertainment. Feel free to look around our blog, leave a comment (G rated, please), and bookmark us to come back again sometime. Another post you might enjoy is here.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~We live in the country now. We have lived in […]

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Something about me that maybe you didn’t know

It’s like this- I love hippie style natural foods places, the more hippie and new agey the better. I like to wander around in those places and soak up the atmosphere. I like to thumb through strange books and read odd notices on the bulletin board. I fondle unusal and preferably organic veggies and pick […]

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Compassion Ought to Supercede Politics

But does it? I remember when it was announced that Elizabeth Edwards, wife of Senator John Edwards, Kerry’s running mate, had breast cancer. Across the conservative side of the blogosphere (that portion of it that I read, anyway), I read nothing but warm and sympathetic wishes for her recovery. Privately I prayed for her recovery, […]

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Did they or didn’t they?

In the end, we may never know, but today an article in the Washington Times reports: The CIA’s chief weapons inspector [Charles Duelfer] said he cannot rule out the possibility that Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were secretly shipped to Syria before the March 2003 invasion, citing “sufficiently credible” evidence that WMDs may have been […]

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