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Save the Frankenfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things you might not have known about Frankenfish: These fascinating fish are air-breathers, and so can tolerate extremely low oxygen levels in their water. When they mate they are monogamous for an entire breeding season, and possibly throughout their lifetimes- scientists don’t know for certain yet, but might be able to find out if they […]

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Judge Boyd post at Blogs for Terri

Over at Blogs for Terri you can read Judge Boyd’s letter on the Mae Magouirk/Beth Gaddy/Ken Mullinax confusion. You can also see a copy of the court order and click on links to commentary. Here is Judge Boyd’s Letter as reproduced at Blogs for Terry: I am Probate Judge Donald W. Boyd and I am […]

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Bills to Watch

Marlowe’s Shade, in a great post titled Culture of Death warns us that: Recently two bills were proposed ( S.1629 & H.R.3127) specifically to set new guidelines for pallative care and end of life treatment for children. Note the recent medical guidelines for palliative care that define it in opposition to life-saving care. Update Because […]

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Reluctant Reader

Our 9 y.o. is a reluctant reader. She loves to be read to; she just doesn’t like to read herself. She knows her alphabet and all the sounds quite well (and has for a couple of years). She can sound out words. In fact, she can read. She just doesn’t like to and I’ve overheard […]

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Updates on Mae Magouirk

At this point Mrs. Magouirk is, according to the updates I’m reading, out of the hospice (which is legally, from what I am reading, only for patients who are terminal, which Mrs. Magouirk wasn’t) and in a hospital being rehydrated. The hospice she was in says they were not starving or dehyrdating her, but were […]

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