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BYTUENE Mershe ant Averil

Last year Pipsqueak and JennyAnyDots began reading through the Oxford Book of English Verse. Our hard copy was my grandmother’s, and I always think there’s something special about using the same books she used. They chose one of the older poems and tried to rewrite it into modern English. Their ‘translation’ is further down. This […]

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Did you miss the Crocheted Doll Post?

JennyAnyDots blogged earlier about crocheting a doll. But she saved it in the drafts for me to proofread (shh, don’t laugh, I proofread other people’s work much better than my own). I didn’t get to that until just now, and that means that when we clicked ‘publish’ her post was inserted into the space where […]

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Trackbacks and Other Puzzlements

Mrs. Squirrel of Dewey’s Treehouse posted a request in one of the comments below. She wants to know what trackbacks are. I know somebody else is wondering about that, too. I learned about trackbacks from these two posts: Mudville Gazette’s Everything You Wanted to Know About Blogging But Were AFraid to Ask. La Shawn Barber’s […]

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Open Trade or Trade Blockades?

Imports Threaten U.S. Economy– “The nation’s insatiable appetite for foreign-made goods has joined energy as a brake on the economy.” Because everybody knows that imports hurt a country while exports help? Really? Blockading Ourselves: “… it is curious that nations at peace regularly blockade themselves by pursuing policies which restrict imports…” “…exporting without importing is […]

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Equuschick, Equuschick! Forty-Two!

Do I have your attention? Then read this.

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