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Did you miss the Crocheted Doll Post?

JennyAnyDots blogged earlier about crocheting a doll. But she saved it in the drafts for me to proofread (shh, don’t laugh, I proofread other people’s work much better than my own). I didn’t get to that until just now, and that means that when we clicked ‘publish’ her post was inserted into the space where […]

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Trackbacks and Other Puzzlements

Mrs. Squirrel of Dewey’s Treehouse posted a request in one of the comments below. She wants to know what trackbacks are. I know somebody else is wondering about that, too. I learned about trackbacks from these two posts: Mudville Gazette’s Everything You Wanted to Know About Blogging But Were AFraid to Ask. La Shawn Barber’s […]

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Open Trade or Trade Blockades?

Imports Threaten U.S. Economy– “The nation’s insatiable appetite for foreign-made goods has joined energy as a brake on the economy.” Because everybody knows that imports hurt a country while exports help? Really? Blockading Ourselves: “… it is curious that nations at peace regularly blockade themselves by pursuing policies which restrict imports…” “…exporting without importing is […]

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Equuschick, Equuschick! Forty-Two!

Do I have your attention? Then read this.

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Horrible Warnings & Bad Examples: Why We Need Them

This is Books and Character, Part The Third. In a previous post I said that the bad examples in literature are at least as important as the good examples. I think this is particularly true for my children. In some ways, we live somewhat sheltered lives. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Some […]

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