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Blindingly Stupid Comments

‘If there’s no gun shops there won’t be any guns.’ Former Mayor of Minneapolis Sharon Sayles Belton The story is here,. This is really a bizarre tale, so read the whole thing. The city govenrment gave the gun owner a list of allegedly legal places where he could move his gun shop- but he went […]

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Kudzu Curbes Binge Drinking?

File this under weirdly fascinating. Here’s a juicy extract: Mr. Lukas’ team at Harvard-affiliated McLean Hospital set up a makeshift “apartment” in a laboratory, complete with a television, reclining chair and a refrigerator stocked with beer. Findings show that subjects who took kudzu drank an average of 1.8 beers per session, compared with the 3.5 […]

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Math the Laundry Way

When my 6th child was three a relative came to visit and had a little conniption fit┬ábecause our three year old didn’t know her colors yet, and somebody else’s younger grandchild did. This would have upset and worried me with my firstborn, but by my sixth child I’d learned a thing or two, so I […]

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Amusing or Disturbing?

According to our site meter, somebody in Saudi Arabia found our site via google, searching for these terms: Supper, screensaver, girls, pic.Ew. I assume the fellow (and I assume it was a fellow) meant ‘super’ rather than supper. The amusing part (other than the fact that now those search terms will bring similar seekers back) […]

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Two Carnivals to Visit

Virgina Conservative has the Carnival of the Vanities here. We have a small post up this week, not perhaps our best written, but one on one of my favorite subjects and one I hope to revisit. VACon looks like a blog to check out often, too. You’ll want to read it all, of course, and […]

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