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Morning Round-up

Roger Simon points out the manners that matter the most at the U.N.- In other words, the UN Oil-for-Food program, which was meant for starving children, was financing both terrorism and a terror regime. Meanwhile, the likes of Barbara Boxer and Chris Dodd are concerned that an “ill-tempered” man has been nominated to clean this […]

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Introducing George Herbert, part one

Perhaps you are fortunate to have already met George Herbert. In that case, I hope to further the aquaintance. If you do not know him, I hope to give you a treat. I first met George Herbert well enough to speak to through Charlotte Mason. By that I mean that I believe I had run […]

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Where have all the grown ups gone?

Being good is hard work. Developing character requires thinking about it and acting on those thoughts. We may have the HOly Spirit, but the Bible also tells us to work out our own salvation and that solid food is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to discern good and evil. […]

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Here’s Some Exciting News

Man recovers from coma after ten years: A firefighter brain-damaged in a 1995 roof collapse had an “amazing” weekend, recognizing and speaking with his four sons and other family and friends for the first time in years, a family spokesman said Monday. “I want to talk to my wife,” Donald Herbert (search) said out of […]

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The New S.A.T.

Need to help your students prepare for the new S.A.T.? Tell them to write long essays, the longer the better. Making stuff up is good, too. See the Instapundit for more.

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