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Books, Books, Books

I loved Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass because I thought they were funny. I confess Peter Pan never impressed me much, although I read it as a mother and cried over Peter’s little milk teeth (My oldest started school that year, her first and last in public school, and I was […]

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How Precious is Life?

Several years ago friends of ours had a baby, and when the baby was born, they learned she had Down Syndrome. They had not had any warning, and at first it was a very unwelcome surprise. Nobody wishes for this. The mother cried a bit, denied a bit, and sighed a bit. She wrote a […]

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ABC Revises History

I wish it was unbelievable, but I’m afraid it isn’t. ABC reports on the history of filibusters, saying Republicans filibustered the Civil Rights act of 1960- but in fact, it was the DEMOCRATS from the south who did that. Caught in the act, they simply remove the article from teh website and put back up […]

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Filibuster Primer

From Freedom News Daily: Bust judicial filibusters———-FreedomWorksby C. Boyden Gray “The Senate moved closer this week to a long-awaited showdown overPresident Bush’s judicial nominees — 10 of whom Democrats blockedstarting in 2003 by using the parliamentary device known as thefilibuster. As Republican leaders have moved closer to restoring 214years of Senate tradition of giving judicial […]

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Economic Education

Yesterday was the Headmaster’s day off. This meant he didn’t have to make the commute to work, but in between working on adding another strand of hotwire to our fence to keep the Tennessee Walker from walking out of his pasture, he had to do some babysitting of employees on the phone. After about the […]

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