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Unfortunate Events: Quotable Quotes & Closing Credits

We watched “A Series of Unfortunate Events” this evening. I’m not going to recommend this one because if you’re the sort of person who likes a very gruesome, dark, macabre, junior Monty Python style of humour, then you are the kind of person who already knows that you like Lemony Snicket. If your sense of […]

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Phyllis McGinley, Part II

You can read more about Mrs. McGinley in our previous post, here. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rock’-‘-Roll Session For this the primal reed was cloven.For this did Berlioz break his easeAnd Schubert starve and deaf BeethovenBend silence into symphonies. For this the little Mozart fiddledBeyond his bedtime, Bach was born,And Guido got the scale unriddled:That, paced by an […]

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I care, you care, we all care… but who cares more?

A goodly time ago the DHM stupidly got into a discussion about gun control with a homeschooler from another country. The other person told the DHM that her country had pretty much banned all guns, and she guessed this was because she and her compatriots just cared more about children than the DHM and her […]

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A blog with an interesting name and some intriguing content has kindly linked to The Common Room. However, the UrbanDryad links us with this puzzling comment: “I’ve found a whole community of bloggers, like this family, that sound almost Emersonian in their embracing of ideas, poetry, conversation, nature, and family: “A homeschooling family chats about […]

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The Gift of Unplanned Blessings

A life planned out to the last detail seems somewhat sterile to me. We have a schedule, but it’s a schedule for what to do when we’re not doing anything else. Mostly, I drift down the stream of serendipity, dabbling my fingers in its pleasant waters and thanking God for the grace and blessings I […]

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