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Portrait of the Deputy Headmistress

Pipsqueak kindly added a rare photograph of the Deputy Headmistress to her profile on the blog. It is my favorite picture of myself. Please go look.=)

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War Stories

From LGF: LGF reader Joe G. forwarded this letter from Marine Colonel Bob Chase, about his experiences in Operation Matador; note the section about his interview with NBC News: *** Was talking to Gino and he asked for some details on the MATADOR fight. Figured, by now since many of you might have caught some […]

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Speak Up Now

Or we may be forever holding our peace. Bonnet tip to just about everybody for this one. Redstate has the goods and the links on where to go to comment. Please be heard: Time is running out. The public comment period for the FEC’s proposed rulemaking regarding your freedom online ends on June 3rd. I […]

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The Cherub and The Visitor

On a lovely day a few years ago four women and their children came to visit us. Collectively we had some 25-30 children, and it was beautiful to see how well they all got along. Because the weather was lovely, most of the children played outside while the moms visited. Three of the women were […]

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James Watt, The Enviornment, and the Press

Click on this link for the article. ” A liberal theologian and active participant in the National Council of Churches, Barbara R. Rossing of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, published a book titled “The Rapture Exposed.” In it she attacks a large segment of the Christian community after attributing to me erroneous motives […]

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