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Filibuster History

Article here Previous uses: Sen. John C. Calhoun of South Carolina in 1841 when he took advantage of the filibuster to obstruct legislation he considered hostile to slavery in the South. Then Democratic Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina in 1957, who “took the Senate floor to talk for a record 24 hours and 18 […]

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Illegal Immigrants Charged

with trespassing. Article here: W. Garrett Chamberlain, chief of police in New Ipswich, N.H., got fed up with the catch and release policy the government apparently has with illegal immigrants. A few weeks ago, one of Chamberlain’s officers came upon Jorge Mora Ramirez, who was making a phone call from his car. Questioned by the […]

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Exposure to Sunlight Prevents Cancer

Naturapaths and other alternative medicine types have been saying this for years, but now mainstream science is catching up with them. Slathering on the sunscreen, sitting in the shade, and wearing those big hats that block the sun: may actually contribute to far more cancer deaths than it prevents, some researchers think. The vitamin is […]

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From the ‘But Why Would You Want To?’ Department

Scientists have developed a system which enables people to stroke a chicken over the internet. Yes, I imagine you’re probably ready to leap from your computer chair, all joyful and exuberant, shouting, “Eureka! Soon I too can stroke a chicken over the internet. What will they think of next?” No? A little more sedate than […]

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Bring Christ Your Broken Life

Bring Christ your broken life, So marred by sin. He will create anew, Make whole again. Your empty wasted years He will restore, And your iniquities, Remember no more Bring Him your every care if great or small whatever troubles you oh, bring it all Bring him the haunting fears the nameless dread thy heart […]

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