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Things You Don’t Want to Hear During Surgery

I forget where I first heard these, so if somebody knows a source, please share: Someone call the janitor–we’re going to need a mop. Accept this sacrifice, O Great Lord of Darkness. Bo! Bo! Come back with that! Bad dog!! Ooops. Oh, *#&$^@#*$&!!!!

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Slip sliding away

I spend too much time at this. I love to write and could just sit here and write and write and write all day and into the night. Obviously, proofreading I love not so much. I have so much I’d love to say, and I start typing and it all just spills out- and then […]

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Mae Magouirk- What Do You Know About Her?

Find out here, here, here, and here. Based on these stories, it appears that Mrs. Magouirk is 85 years old, has glaucoma, and a couple weeks ago had an aortic dissection and was hospitalized. She did not have a terminal condition (other than age), was not comatose, PVS, or otherwise braindamaged (not that I think […]

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Truth is Not a Democracy

I hate to pubicly disagree with something Hugh Hewitt says- he’s an awfully smart and accomplished man. After all, he linked to one of our posts once, so he must be smart, right? Nevertheless, this post strikes a false note in my ear. Mr. Hewitt quotes Cardinal Ratzinger’s homily from the Papal Funeral: “We can […]

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Publication Ban Lifted

Justice John Gomery has lifted the publication ban on Jean Brault’s testimony, allowing the Canadian media to finally report the testimony to the Canadian public. From Captain’s Quarters, a worthy blogger, whose posts here and here should catch you up on the Adscam story.

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