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Daylight Saving Time

Five Things About DST: 1. It is Daylight Saving Time, not Daylight Savings Time. 2. It is silly. 3. Arizona doesn’t participate. 4. Parts of Indiana don’t participate. 5. Sometimes parts of Indiana that do not participate are in the same county with other parts that do play this silly little game. BAckground, history, and […]

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Our Condolences….

to our Catholic friends. Pope John Paul II has passed. Fox News has an obituary here. Chrenkoff, a blogger who grew up in Poland, has a touching post here. He was many things to many people, and his papacy touched on just about every political, economic, social and moral aspect of the past thirty years. […]

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Stealing Classified Documents

Geraghty’s take on Sandy Berger’s theft and destruction of classified documents here. “Now… what about this deafening silence that we have heard on this from Berger’s associates, since this story first surfaced? Will we be seeing any criticism of him from former President Clinton, Madeline Albright, Hillary, John Kerry, or any other prominent Democrat? Is […]

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We are not Catholic…

And we are _really_ not Catholic, but obviously at this time things Catholic are much in the news, and I would like my young people to deepen their understanding of current events and make connections of their own. Toward that end I’ve tried to collect some information for the non-Catholic reader (mostly with my own […]

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The First Years Need to Go.To.Bed.

**Update: I knew I was forgetting something, but I couldn’t think what it was. When I awoke this morning, I suddenly remembered this bit of forgotten dialogue (which belongs below somewhere between when the FYG was told to take a shower and the FYB was telling me about the twaddly movie he watched at Granny […]

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