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Our Little Citizens- Primary Education Article, January, 1920 Part 2

Part One was ever so very long ago (almost a year): From Primary Education, January 1920   Plain Living and High Thinking Let us return to this slogan of the good old Americans. No nation was ever more prosperous than this. If the truth were told about the High Cost of Living, it would be […]

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1920 Advice on Assessing Your School part I

She is writing for the public school, but there is no reason much of this could not be used for a home school as well. Volume XXVIII January 1920 Number 1 Hang Up Your Thermometer Ida E. Roger Grade Supervisor, Mt, Vernon, N. Y. (Book rights reserved) NOT the glass and mercury kind, but the […]

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Isaac Watts

Previously IX. When a person feels any thing of this invidious humour working in him, he may by the following con sideration attempt the correction of it. Let him think with himself how many are the beauties of such an author whom he censures, in comparison of his blem ishes, and remember that it is […]

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Fruit of the Gods

I do not wish to be irreverent, and I mean this with the utmost gratitude and respect to the Divine Creator who made this so: The pineapple here is so delicious that eating it is a sacred religious experience. Also: Mango. To add a word to this would be to gild a lily in Heaven. […]

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Davao Diary: The Sea Star

But lets go back to before supper. The menfolk went snorkeling for the day- Will’s first time ever. They brought back pictures, which reminded me much of taking my oldest two snorkeling in the East China Sea when they were preschoolers nearly 30 years ago- including the lovely blue starfish pictured… .somewhere. Probably FB. Starfish […]

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