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Facebook’s privacy issues

Facebook does pay attention to the pictures and messages you send via not so private messenger. They recently admitted the data of nearly their 2 billion users has likely been scraped by outsiders. Zuckerberg has been planning a future presidential career, according to people who pay attention to these things. The latest revelations about FB’s […]

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Of the Goose and the Gander

Sheryl Attkisson (and some of her readers) suggest some terms she suggests President Trump should set forth if he decides to be foolhardy and appear before Mueller: 1. An exoneration letter is drafted in advance. 2. Immunity is given to top Trump aides (and they’re allowed to sit in on interview). 3. Interview isn’t recorded. […]

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Bukidnon trip, continued, because look at these pictures

Reminder/backstory: We took a bus from Davao City, where we live and work volunteer, up to Malaybalay in Bukidnon province for spring vacation.  It was gorgeous. On the bus ride going up and coming back down, there was a long stretch where there was always smoke off in the distance.  I probably took over a […]

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Just one of those things

1. What was last thing you drank? Water. Before that, raspberry kombucha 2. Worst pain ever? Physical? Broken ribs. 3. Last thing you ate? Chicken curry broth. 4. Favourite place you’ve eaten? Mongolian BBQ in Japan 5. How late did you stay up last night? 3 a.m. 6. Last book you read? Feast of the […]

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Outline of the Laws of Thought

From time to time I save things as drafts in the blog, things I’ve come across hither or thither and mean to come back to them.  Sometimes I come back and dust them off a bit and post them.  Other times I read through them again and delete because I am not longer interested in […]

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