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Back in the Minority Again

(Racially, I was a member of a distinct minority in high school (perhaps 15% caucasian). For five years we lived in Japan. And now we are in the Philippines. There is a medical school in our area, and it is attended by lots of students from India. There is a street of authentic Indian food […]

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A life that seizes on content

My mom found this and sent it to me:   To Daughters, Growing Up by Elizabeth Coatsworth My little girls, When you are grown, You may go to some land That is not your own. If your roots of life Are strong and sound, You will grapple deep In that unknown ground, You will leaf […]

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Davao Diary- The Comfort Room

This is something I remembered from when we lived in Okinawa, which is also a coral island in the China sea, so many of the construction resources and materials are similar, and the climate needs are nearly identical (except Okinawa gets typhoons regularly and Mindano doesn’t, especially Southern Mindanao). It’s the pleasure of feeling cold […]

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where’s your water buffalo?

across the street from me

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Fish Bones

What do you see? I see beauty. I see and taste, and smell, the flavor and scent of good, very good, charcoal grilled fresh fish. I see food. Nourishment, sustenance, life. Let food be food. Real food flavored by other real foods- garlic, calamansi, locally grown pepper, oil. I see a livelihood. Somebody worked hard […]

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