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Teaching the Parts of Speech, Nouns

You can look over some example of each of the parts of speech here.  However, if you are using this to teach your student (and I would do this around 9 or 10 years of age, although children *can* learn it younger, I think their time is better spent on other things), I wouldn’t spend […]

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Just for Fun

Got this from an old school magazine.  I wouldn’t necessarily use it for ‘school’ but sometime when the kids are bored, or you’re on a road trip, or it’s too hot to go outside and you just want to lie around doing almost nothing.   Variety Work 1 Write three words that end in y […]

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PTSD: Therapy Post Update

I was looking up something else and happened to come across one of my older PTSD posts, and then that led to reading a couple others (and here and here).  It’s like reading somebody else’s writing, or reading something I wrote, but about a different person. Moving to the Philippines is probably not the best […]

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Free Range Children, Times have Changed

“Parents can help the child at home with review on his newly learned sound through mealtime conversations that include some of the child’s trouble words. The child may be allowed to do the grocery shopping for Mother. The parents can then check the success of the child and send the report to the teacher.” What […]

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Poetry for the Plucky

The Grasshopper and The Crickets A grasshopper once had a game of tag With some crickets that lived near by, When he stumbled his toe, and over he went Too quickly to see with your eye. Then the cricket leaned up against a fence, And chirped till their sides were sore, But the grasshopper said, […]

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