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Square cutting letters of the alphabet

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Yes, we were down

We have approximately 80 days left with our boy before he flies back to the states. We have been putting some extra time here and there into some special experiences with him. One of them is that he and his dad got SCUBA certified. Another is that we went on an overnight trip to a […]

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“Education” is not enough

“In Germany I frequently discussed the rising tide of conflict, but on one thing professors and students alike were agreed — that fascism could never come to Germany. It was possible in Italy, they said, because of the lack of general education — such a thing could not happen in Germany. Two institutions would prevent […]

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March 11 and 12, 1957

From my great-grandmother’s journal (everytime I write this, I suddenly have this feeling that I mis-wrote and previously referred to these as my *grandmother’s* journal.  But I don’t go back and check, because I’d rather not use my limited Wi-Fi for that). Monday, March 11: Paid gas and lights- 20.58 (that’s three bills, I think […]

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March 10, 1957

From my grandmother’s journal: Cold & windy- Listened to Doc Holland’s sermon.  Mrs. Purcell invited me to her place for a (?? dark times?  that’s not it, and but I don’t know what it actually says).  It was so good. In the evening went to Fish’s for a short time. Then watched Purcell’s television.   […]

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