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TAke 15 minutes to watch this.

Nick Sandmann, the truth in 15 minutes. These are grown adults smearing and attacking and mocking a kid, he’s just 15 or 16, because he smiled while wearing a red baseball cap. That’s all he did. Warning- there is profanity and racial slurs, but none of it is coming from the kids. It’s all from […]

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Musings on crime rates

I stumbled across this document at googlebooks while looking for something else and that got me thinking: “While he was Attorney General, Homer Cummings pronounced Washington’s crime record a national disgrace. That view reflected not a vague impression but actual data gathered by the Department of Justice for July-September, 1937. Of ninety three cities of […]

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How SJW are trashing YA fiction

This reads like it ought to be parody or satire, but it isn’t. How a Twitter Mob Derailed an Immigrant Female Author’s Budding Career

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Bato Lata or Kick the Can

Here are the directions to a Filipino kids street game, similar to our Kick the Can.  Just so you know, slipper is what they call flip flops or loose sandals. The kids on our street played it all the time. It was fun to watch, but I never quite understood all the ends and outs.  […]

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Hansel and Gretel illustration

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