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Street scene, Davao

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Parts of Speech with Aesop’s Fables and Silliness (4 of 5)

I put this together for my husband, who is teaching a middle school grammar course for a few weeks, and over half his students are not native English speakers. It only includes adjectives, nouns, verbs, and the occasional preposition because those are the parts of speech the class is reviewing.

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WATER of The Beauties of Nature and the Wonders of the World We Live In, Part VII of X

CHAPTER VII – WATER In the legends of ancient times running water was proof against all sorcery and witchcraft: No spell could stay the living tide Or charm the rushing stream. There was much truth as well as beauty in this idea. Flowing waters, moreover, have not only power to wash out material stains, but […]

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Somebody’s Story

I posted this before, and in a couple places, ¬†but for some reason, it kind of haunts me, and I revisit it in my mind a few times a week. I am standing on the sidewalk about two feet above the open front furniture stores to take this picture. I could have bought a small […]

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For want of a tomato a job was lost

This is three years old or so, but it is a funny story. Well, the story isn’t funny, the husband’s reaction is hilarious. ¬†According to history professor Goggle, Marni Sky’s husband David revised the original 30K figure downward, explained that he had exaggerated some details because he originally wrote the letter to make his wife […]

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