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A Homesteading Post

I mention in my profile that we are interested in homesteading. We raise our own pork and eggs. We try to have a garden. We live in the country. When we get around to getting the fencing fixed, we hope to do grass fed beef. I’ve been meaning to write a homestead type post, but […]

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In Childhood, the Prelude, William Wordsworth refers “To those first-born affinities that fit Our new existence to existing things, And, in our dawn of being, constitute The bond of union betwixt life and joy.” Webster’s 1828 Dictionary gives several meanings for ‘affinity:’ 1. The relation contracted by marriage, between a husband and his wife’s kindred, […]

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Ordinarily our children get along. Today, however, the First Year Boy is In A Mood. The First Year Girl is not far behind. One of their morning chores is to make my bed- the reason this is their morning chore is that one of them is usually still in my bed when I get up […]

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Obfuscation For Fun and Profit

This item reportedly turned up on a hospital bill recently: “Mucus Retrieval System, $75.” After some questioning of the accounting office, it was identified as a box of tissues normally used to blow one’s nose. The entire article is worth a read, and the author raises points deserving thoughtful attention. I haven’t had my coffee […]

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Parental Involvement a Legal Requirement?

Here’s an idea so bad that I don’t even know where to begin. It’s an excellent illustration of what’s happens when government gets its hands on a good premise, I suppose. The starting assumption is sound- parents should be involved in their children’s education. I think everybody agrees with this, with the possible exception of […]

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