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Templates, Time, and Tears

In case anybody is wondering, yes, my desk is as cluttered as the sidebar of this blog. So is my brain. Firefly, over at bioluminescence has explained carefully to me, in words easly understood by a blogger of very little brain, how I can fix it. She also said something cryptic about spending less time […]

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The Common Room Family has just been incredibly blessed by and in our friendships. If we were to catalogue them all, this post would be longer then the most lengthy of Academy Award speeches, but we really must highlight three of them for whom we have recent reason to be grateful. Two years ago, we […]

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Parallel Universes and Other Oddities

When is a compromise not a compromise? Redstate has an idea. When does a judge show poor judgement? Here’s one instance. This judge lives in a universe where freedom of religion apparently does not exist. It’s apparently the same universe these politicians inhabit. And finally, because we need to laugh: In this parallel universe, some […]

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Memorial Day

For Memorial Day Weekend, just visit Mudville Gazette, and keep checking back (scroll down his page for updates, as the first post is staying at the top all weekend). We live about a mile or two from a small cemetery where several of our ancestors are buried, including the one who first homesteaded the family […]

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Recipe Carnival is Up

The 41st recipe carnival is up at Fresh As a Daisy. If you don’t know what’s for dinner, or lunch, or dessert, or have a hankering for something new for breakfast, or always wanted to make Challah, but never knew how, or wish you had a great recipe for strawberries, or are intriqued by names […]

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