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This is Just Wrong.

So Wrong. Click on the link in the title.

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CNN reports huge bunker found

U.S. Marines and Iraqi soldiers have uncovered a 503,000-square-foot underground insurgent hideout in central Iraq containing large stores of weapons, ammunition and supplies. The bunker — the size of nine American football fields or six soccer pitches — is the largest found in the past year, the U.S. military said Sunday. No insurgents were in […]

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Clean, Safe, NonToxic Cleaners

Inexpensive, too. See Tulipgirl for details. Vinegar is also useful for killing mold and mildew, treating fungal infections (athlete’s foot, ringworm), killing off stomach flu germs (at the first sign of illness, down a tablespoon in water, or take a vinegar pill). Apparently, it also works on weeds, as somebody just shared this poison ivy […]

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Hair Braiding

The Deputy Headmistress is the mother of six daughters. IN years gone by the DHM spent many hours braiding and combing tresses. Of late, JennyAnyDots has taken over much of that responsibility because JennyAnyDots can do incredibly creative things with braids. Nevertheless, for all those little girls whose hair I have braided, and for all […]

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File This Under The Simple Life

I’ve posted about the simply country life previously here. We live in the country, and we like it. I wouldn’t want to live in twon, having done both. I love our woods, our creek, our wildflowers. I love our fresh eggs. I like the picturesque view I see when I look out the window and […]

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