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Is Justice in America a ‘Dark Myth?’

According to this article, it is. Finds a connection between the Schiavo case, Sandy ‘scissorhands’ Berger, 527s, and the Minuteman project.

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“Bring Me a Brown Sack…”

The family posting at The Common Room is a former military family. This means we have many moves under our belts. The Deputy Headmistress, since her marriage some 23 years ago (where does the time go?), has established our hearth and home in some 16 or 17 separate domiciles. She does not count places where […]

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Simple Things That Thrill

I always like to find books online as etexts, so I was greatly interested in this collection of links to online books from a religiously Christian perspective. My delight turned to thrill when I saw this book. Years ago I read The New Testament Documents, Are They Reliable? I was astonished at how well documented […]

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Polyester Tires, Woven Skyscrapers

ARticle here. See the slideshow, as well. Bonnet-tip to Evangelical Outpost Textiles are no longer just the stuff of clothing, carpets and furniture covering. Made of high-tech threads, they can also be found in lifesaving medical devices and the bodies of racing cars. One architect is proposing building a skyscraper out of carbon fibers. “I […]

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Home Schoolers are the Real Education Reformers

In an article titled Homeschooling Alone- Why corporate reformers are ignoring the real revolution in education, Greg Beato writes: Despite homeschooling’s increasing popularity—a recent report from the U.S. Department of Education estimates that approximately 1.1 million students are now being homeschooled in the United States—neither corporate altruists nor philanthropic foundations have shown much interest in […]

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