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Darfur, Continued

Previous posts on Darfur are here and here. The Sheep’s Crib has a post with some background and some ideas about what, if anything, we can do about it. I’ve not clicked on any of the links, so I can’t vouch for their suitability for maidens of tender years and rearing, but The Sheep’s Crib […]

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Amnesty International, a tutorial (Pip! Jenny! Over here)

First a bit of backstory: One of our reasons for blogging is to direct our young homeschooled maidens to news of the day worded in a fashion suitable to their tender years and upbringing. We use a Charlotte Mason approach in our homeschooling. According to her 90th Programme (May to July, 1921) for Forms IV […]

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We were packing for our trip to D.C. when a friend called. I was glad for her call as it temporarily distracted the Progeny from making fun of me for packing too much. As I spoke to my friend on the phone I directed some of the Offspring to continue packing. They renewed their mocking. […]

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Intellectual nourishment

“What we have reason to deplore is that after some eight or twelve years’ brilliant teaching in school, the cinema show and the football field, polo or golf, satisfy the needs of our former pupils to whatever class they belong. We are filled with compassion when we detect the lifeless hand or leg, the artificial […]

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I’m not an Ezzo fan, but I hadn’t planned on mentioning that here. However, Tulipgirl has a post that I think is must reading. I knew he had been disfellowshipped for unrepentant sin by his home congregation. I did not know his grown children have little interaction with him, though I am not surprised. “Gary’s […]

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