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Blog Roll

I added Spunky Homeschool Mom to the blogroll. She’s definitely a ‘keeper.’ If you’re a homeschooler who wants to be added to my links, please email me at bkangamaroo bat yahoob bdot com and let me know (to demunge the address, first shoo away each b, then substitute the usual for at and dot. If […]

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From Snowflakes to Shakespeare

Read this: Embryos preserved in frozen storage offer great hope for life and for families facing fertility challenges. When a family has been successful in having a child through in vitro fertilization, embryos are often cryo-preserved, resulting in the question of what to do with them. These frozen embryos can be the hope of a […]

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Darfur Summary, A Slightly Expurgated Version

In a recent post on Darfur, I said I would be posting excerpts suitable for young maidens later today. However, that was yesterday. Clearly, I didn’t get it done. But the time I got back to the computer, I was too tired to make sense of serious stuff, so I put it off until later. […]

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And Yet Another Carnival

I’m going to have to think of more interesting titles for these, or just live with monotony. The 71st “Christian Carnival” is up here. The Technogypsy had to deal with over 50 entries, and did a fine job. Some language makes this a PG rather than a G link, so d on’t say I didn’t […]

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Peggy Noonan writes a hilarious column about the 14 Senators who just betrayed the Constitution: Listening to them I thought of some of the great and hallowed phrases of our Republic. “The rooster who thought he brought the dawn.” “The only man who can strut sitting down.” I know they’re centrists, but there is nothing […]

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