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Educational Reading Vortex

I am a hands on reader. I like to underline and star passages that interest me, makes notes in the margins, keep lists of other books and events referenced in the book I am reading, and then pursue that line of reading later. Sometimes this means I get sucked into vortex of reading ever more […]

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Mental Illness

According to a recent study, one quarter of all Americans are mentally ill. Right. ARticle here. One-quarter of all Americans met the criteria for having a mental illness within the past year, and fully a quarter of those had a “serious” disorder that significantly disrupted their ability to function day to day, according to the […]

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Tracking Employees Electronically

Link to full article in Title Who: Nearly ten thousand supermarket warehouse employees now, secretaries and others later What: Employees wear small computers- these go on arms, wrists, or even fingers, or sometimes in specially wired vests. The computers tell the wearer where to go to pick up goods that need to be delivered, and […]

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Semmelweis, Lister, and Gillet

Semmelweis: Hungarian doctor in the 1800s, worked in Vienna. He was terribly concerned about the high death rates of women in childbirth in the hospital where he worked. He noted that patients who delivered babies in teh street had a lower mortality rate than mothers delivering babies in the hospital. Through careful study of conditions, […]

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Darfur in the News

Finally- the mainstream news. Click on the link to read more.

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