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Broadening the Blog Audience

If you’re a Christian somewhat new to blogging and you want to try and broaden your audience, you could feed them cookies, or you could go read LaShawn Barber’s post here. So much is happening in the blogosphere, I can’t keep up. New blogs are created every day and veteran bloggers are writing about interesting […]

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The Good that We Want to Do

G. K. Chesterton wrote to Father Ronald Knox, “I am in a state now when I feel a monstrous charlatan, as if I wore a mask and were stuffed with cushions, whenever I see anything about the public G.K.C.; it hurts me; for though the views I express are real, the image in horribly unreal […]

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Roger Simon’s Blogthis one: The phony partisan reductionism of calling UN reform a “conservative mantra” is insulting and stupid and the idea of equating it with Tom DeLay et al ludicrous. Much as Mr. DeLay makes my skin crawl and I am willing to believe many of the accusations against him and his cronies in […]

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More Quotes from Sense and Sensibility

I mentioned this book at some length here. I hated quoting only a sentence or two from that wonderful passage, but I had to stop somewhere so that I had room for other comments. This is where I can satsify my Sense and Sensibility cravings: As Elinor tries to comfort her sister, and Marianne tells […]

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News that Tickled my Fancy This Morning

Plenty here to read about boots on the ground and military appropriations, but this is the part that tickled my fancy:Rumsfeld: “I think the only people who could conceivably be talking about a draft are people who are speaking from pinnacles of near-perfect ignorance.” He added, “The last thing we need is a draft. We […]

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