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Amnesty International

Bias at Amnesty International? LGF tells us something about the leadership, and what American Political campaigns they’ve donated to. Betcha can’t guess. He’s got another bombshell, too. Austin Bay points out that “An organization with genuine moral principles and genuine respect for human rights must be able to distinguish between scattered crime and focused genocide, […]

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Morning Rounds

of news and views 88 Lives Saved by Message in a Bottle– they came from Ecuador, seeking freedom in America. The smugglers they paid to shepherd them abandoned them when the boat took on water. Spotting the long lines of a passing fishing boat (I had no idea their lines were this long, did you?), […]

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Therapy and Bubble Gum

A few years back we had an evaluation done with Cherub. It was one of many, but this one stands out – Dazzingly stupid is the way a friend characterized when I told him about it, and unfortunately, that is the best description for what made it stand out. The therapist was supposed to be […]

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17th Education Carnival

The Education Wonks have another education- and educational- carnival up. Entries that caught my eye: Science and Politics talks about vivisection, animal research (in favor of), experiments (supports), animal rights (he’s opposed), Creationism (he’s opposed), and some of the rules that supposedly protect the animals used in research and study. I didn’t always agree, but […]

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History Carnival

The History Carnival is one of the more unusual of the blog carnivals I’ve seen, and it’s very interesting for a number of reasons. Foremost, of course, is that our own Pipsqueak is in it.=) Says the Carnival Master: “And although this one is a little old by Carnival standards, I liked it too much […]

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