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Dead-end Thinking

A young man, about 17, came through the business the Headmaster manages; he was looking for work. He said his father had abandoned the family, his mother was on welfare, and he had dropped out of school and wanted to help contribute to the family income. The Headmaster didn’t need any help at business, but […]

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Household hints-

-from the dingleberriest of housewives. Hint #1 Use your time more efficiently and reduce the number of phone messages you need to return by leaving the house for the day and accidentally bumping the phone off the hook as you go.

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“I Hate You, Mommy!”

The oldest of our seven offspring is 22. I have heard those words in the title- from our sixth child when she was 3 and from that firstborn child- when she was six. We have weathered two children through the teen years, and have three still in their teens, and none of them has said […]

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My Kitchen Maid

Recently I was reading a Victorian era magazine with advice from mothers to mothers about scheduling. Most commonly the advice was about scheduling, and most commonly, the schedule included a morning conference in the kitchen with the cook and other hired help for the day’s duties. I’d like to introduce one of my favorite kitchen […]

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Some Scientistis Ethically Challenged?!

Who knew? Up to a third of scientists have engaged in ethically questionable practices over the last three years, according to a survey published in today’s issue of the British science journal Nature. The surveyed behaviors range from extremely serious acts such as fraud and plagiarism — which were committed by only a fraction of […]

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