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Peggy Noonan writes a hilarious column about the 14 Senators who just betrayed the Constitution: Listening to them I thought of some of the great and hallowed phrases of our Republic. “The rooster who thought he brought the dawn.” “The only man who can strut sitting down.” I know they’re centrists, but there is nothing […]

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I’ve been wanting to blog about the situation in Darfur for some time, but have not been able to figure out how to discuss it while still keeping to this blog’s personal goal of never going beyond PG-13 material. The situation in Darfur is just nothing less than an R, and I couldn’t find a […]

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The Aztecs and The Common Good

Here’s a disturbing lesson plan. According to the website: In this lesson, the students read about some of the religious practices of the Aztec Empire and discuss the practice of human sacrifice to appease the gods. Students discuss the concept of sacrifice for the common good and debate how far we go in sacrificing for […]

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Baby Leftovers

Me Autem Minui has the beautiful story of the Snowflake Embryo Adoption Program.

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Modest Proposals

Before approving any bill, the legislators must personally read every sentence in the proposed law, and demonstrate that they have read with comprehension by passing a test on the material. Neither members of Congress, the Senate, nor any branch of government shall ever be exempt from the laws they pass. Nor shall the institutions themselves […]

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