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The Gaps

Ever have one of those moments when something your child says brings you up short and you realize that there’s something important you somehow neglected to teach? A friend of mine once realized that somehow her 7 y.o. had never learned (or more likely, had forgotten) what to call his heel. Isn’t that embarrassing! JennyAnyDots […]

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Calling all Homeschooling Bloggers!!

How cool is this? The Deputy Headmistress was, just this morning, thinking that it would be a really great thing if somebody would put together an alliance of homeschooling blogs, or a homeschooling blogroll. The DHM is utterly incapable of figuring out how to do such a thing, but she thought it was a wonderful […]

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It’s An Educational Carnival!

No, this is not one of those school sponsored carnivals where the school puts already hardworking parents, students, and teachers at work in the hot sun, shilling for the schools so they can use government-provided education dollars for nice plants for the administrator’s office, trips for the superintendant, and better office furniture for the principle […]

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Airport Security

Not too long ago The DHM accompanied one of the Common Room Scholars through the security screeing at an airport. The Young Scholar was flying by herself for the first time, and the DHM wanted to keep her young (okay, not so very young) chick under her own wing as long as possible before releasing […]

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My “inner European” is Confused

Your Inner European is French! Smart and sophisticated. You have the best of everything – at least, *you* think so. Who’s Your Inner European? I have no idea why I should be French. My favorite vacation is visiting historical sites and museums, and I do love chatting all night over coffee, and it’s entirely true […]

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