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Reason Never Begins It

A due recognition of the function of reason should be an enormous help to us all in days when the air is full of fallacies, and when our personal modesty, that becoming respect for other people which is proper to well-ordered natures whether young or old, makes us willing to accept conclusions duly supported by […]

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This is a must read. Must read. I’m not kidding. You really have to read this to believe it. I didn’t know people like this still existed and lived and worked in public schools. Read it and then come back here for a little more. I’ll wait. Older homeschoolers and those interested in religious freedom […]

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Test Tube Sharks

Perhaps at some point one of the Common Room Scholars will explain why this news article reminds the DeputyHeadmistress of her latest (and greatest ever) thrift shop ‘find.’ Click Here for Full Article

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Karnival of Kidz

Link in the title.

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The Prolife movement and Ecoterrorism

A few years back there was a wave of newspaper articles and even television programs criticizing the wave of violence against abortion clinics by those evil fundamentalists. I remember one episode of Cagney and Lacey that addressed that same issue- in that episode they had a homeless person killed by an abortion clinic bombing, even […]

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