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The Unstraight Flush at Newsweek

We’ve written previously about the Newsweek mess here, here, and here. Thanks to Hugh Hewitt, I read this blog this morning. Jay Rosen says many wise and interesting things, and you will want to read the entire post. He has some wonderful suggestions for improving reporting. I hope the right people listen to him, because […]

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A Question about Public Education

Are we asking too much of public education, more than it can deliver? If so, should we be trying something else? I am a homeschooler, but I do not blame every problem our publicly educated children have on the public schools. I have often made excuses for public schools. I acknowledge that teaching in a […]

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More on Newsweek

Imus in the morning points out the difference between truth and fiction to Newsweek. REally. It’s become too cliche to say that you can’t make up stuff this bizarre. What is going on with these people? Michelle Malkin has the whole thing. Here’s a juicy extract: Fineman:….And then he and John Barry, who’s our Pentagon […]

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A Homesteading Post

I mention in my profile that we are interested in homesteading. We raise our own pork and eggs. We try to have a garden. We live in the country. When we get around to getting the fencing fixed, we hope to do grass fed beef. I’ve been meaning to write a homestead type post, but […]

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In Childhood, the Prelude, William Wordsworth refers “To those first-born affinities that fitOur new existence to existing things,And, in our dawn of being, constituteThe bond of union betwixt life and joy.” Webster’s 1828 Dictionary gives several meanings for ‘affinity:’ 1. The relation contracted by marriage, between a husband and his wife’s kindred, and between a […]

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