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Quantum Mechanics

Life comes from life, but nothing comes from nothing. This is a problem for materialists. “In 1973, physicist Edward Tryon of the Hunter College of the City University of New York published a paper in the British science journal Nature titled, “Is the Universe a Vacuum Fluctuation?” He proposed the idea that the Universe could […]

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New ancient line drawings in discovered in Peruvian desert

You know those giant petroglyphs (really geoglyphs) in the ground in the desert, pictures you can only see from the sky?  In Peru they just found fifty more.   More here. Isn’t it wild?

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The Construction Next Door

I think I’ve mentioned that they are building a house next to ours, and when I say next to, I mean the two walls are conjoined. The other house is at least two stories and ours is only one, so there will be no daylight here when it’s finished. In this picture, I’m standing about […]

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This is the main bathroom

  There is no hot water, because to have hot water, you have to buy a small hot water heater and attach it to the shower. Then you get hot water from the shower, but not the sink.  We do have a hot water heater for our master bedroom shower. I know lots of people […]

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Cultural Differences- helping strangers in an accident

This is from personal observation, experience, and hearing stories from other foreigners, not from anything I’ve read or from any lessons on culture. This is one of the hardest things for North Americans to understand or, to be honest, to excuse.  Even the most culturally intelligent, sympathetic, and understanding westerners I know have a hard […]

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