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The Flaws in Wrinkle in Time Movie Are Deliberate

REad here. “In an interview with Screen Rant, writer Jennifer Lee explained why she took out the Christian themes and Bible references from the book. “It wasn’t removed, it was just opened up in language that wasn’t exclusive, guardian angels versus stars, are they the same thing? Maybe,” Lee said. She emphasized “inclusivity,” saying, “Since we’re […]

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Cross cultural communication fail

I really had this conversation with a Filipina woman about my age, a very nice, kind lady. She was asking me how my language studies were going and I said I really was botching the grammar completely, and there were some words I consistently mixed up- tukod (to build) and tahud (reverence or respect). “Oh, […]

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Hospitality vs Entertaining, Q & A

Q. If you set the table with pretty china and a centerpiece, are you making your guests feel inferior in their abilities when all you are trying to do is make them feel extra-special and worthy of attention? Should we reduce all attempts at beauty to a common level so as not to offend a […]

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One of Shakespeare’s Sources Discovered

This is pretty interesting- the point here is not the tired old Shakespeare wasn’t Shakespeare, nor iis it a claim that he plagiarized. It’s that, using plagiarism software, scholars have uncovered another source or reference work that Shakespeare used for some of his plays. “The findings were made by Dennis McCarthy and June Schlueter, who […]

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Gobekli Tepe

If your curiosity bump was alerted by an earlier reference to this archeological site in Turkey, the earliest temple yet discovered, you might be interested in reading these other links:—the-worlds-first-temple/ I grimace at the ‘world’s first temple’ designation. It may not be a temple at all. And nobody can say if another, older […]

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