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Crocheters looking for a service project

Preemies benefit from crocheted octopuses. It’s the tentacles. Fascinating stuff.

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A few good reads

Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness, 1.99! Grant Takes Command, by Bruce Catton, only 1.99! FREE: Thicker Than Blood, modern twist on prodigal son theme. 1.99 The Vatican Pimpernel, Monsignor who saved over 6500 lives in WW2. 1.99 Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrel– I finished reading this a couple weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. […]

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Caveat: Regarding specific cultural differences, I’m just passing on what we have been told. I don’t know how accurate it is. When we moved into our house my husband had heard several stories about break-ins and theft. He’d also heard an interesting perspective from one person who was directly involved in tracking down and firing […]

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Democrats on Filling the Supreme Court Vacancy

Remember when: “Democrats used a rare parliamentary move to change the rules so that federal judicial nominees and executive-office appointments can advance to confirmation votes by a simple majority of senators, rather than the 60-vote supermajority that has been the standard for nearly four decades.”

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History of Science, cont. Ben Franklin

Benjamin, born at Boston, twenty-one years after his father’s emigration, was the youngest of ten sons, all of whom were eventually apprenticed to trades. The father was a man of sound judgment who encouraged sensible conversation in his home. Uncle Benjamin, who did not emigrate till much later, showed interest in his precocious namesake. Both […]

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