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Charlotte Mason and the Cinema

Q. Don’t you think Miss Mason would have used movies had they been available to her? No, I don’t.  One reason is because movies were very much available to her. They weren’t talkies, it’s true, but nobody much cared at the time, the general public was very much enamored with this new form of entertainment.  […]

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Ted Kennedy and the Waitress

You know about that time Ted Kennedy drove a car into a lake and swam away, leaving an innocent passenger, a young woman, to die.  She suffocated in a pocket of air. She would have lived if he had been the slightest bit interested in getting help.  Instead he swam across the lake to give […]

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Rachel Mitchell’s report

Rachel Mitchell’s report on Ford’s testimony was leaked to the WaPo: “A ‘he said, she said’ case is incredibly difficult to prove. But this case is even weaker than that.” I see here a compelling list of contradictions in her own testimony as well as serious memory lapses about events that are not […]

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Believe All Women VS Due Process

I come down on the side of due process.   I am a survivor twice over.    I think I might have shared this before, but I haven’t checked, so maybe not. At 15 I was walking home from a party by myself, after midnight.  I wasn’t supposed to be at that party. I wasn’t […]

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Leaf Margins

  Leaf margins are the edges of leaves.  Different species have different types of edges.  You’ve probably seen those fun crafting scissors that cut paper to have different shaped edges- this is a similar result.  Not sure what brand of scissors God uses. Scientists have designated different names for the different shaped margins and it […]

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