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From the Humbolt Hockey Team’s Memorial Service

Most of you probably know about the horrible accident in Saskatchewan, Canada, which killed 15 people from the Humbolt Bronco’s hockey team, including the coach, Darcy Haugan. The team chaplain, Sean Brandow spoke at a memorial service and this is part of his message:   “I talked to Darcy numerous times about what should we […]

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Improving Ourselves to Death

New YOrker offers a series of quickie overviews of books on self-improvement, periodically spiced with sharp observations on the trends in self-improvement. Here’s one of the reviews: “In a consumerist society, we are not meant to buy one pair of jeans and then be satisfied,” Cederström and Spicer write, and the same, they think, is […]

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Cultural difference revisited: time

I cannot say if this is country wide or just accidental artifact of my smallish circle, but of the four local doctors I know of, 3 do not take appointments. They have office hours and it is first come first serve. The 4th is a white North American psychologist, so he hardly counts at all.

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The Salimba

The salimba, an unusual old and now new again traditional Filipino musical instrument: How one is made:   The unusual story behind the re-establishment of this instrument:

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Intra Cultural

Had a delightful dinner with Korean family new to the Philippines.  We ended up singing songs around the table after dinner- they liked Bruno Mars’ Count On Me, I like Jeon In Kwon 제발 (Jaebal, or Please) ** We all love Simon and Garfunkel, and we got started because the father of the other family and […]

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