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Birth control pills and fish

This is kind of…. freakish. Fish becoming transgender because of contraceptive pill hormones flushed into the ecosystem…

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Ancient Historians by Michael Grant, Reading Schedule

These are not lesson plans, but rather a very loosely organized reading schedule. I would spend at least a week on each assigned reading- reading a few pages a day. Two weeks is probably better. If you take a week per assignment, you’ll be done in 24 weeks or so, but very likely your student […]

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Mainspring of Human Progress Course Reading, Study Guide and Schedule

Books or activities: The Mainstream of Human Progress– the primary text.  The page numbers I share may not match the page-numbers in your edition.  Basically, just read about one chapter per week. Evening in the Palace of Reason (for 16 and up) Read 16 or 17 pages per week.   OR A Short HIstory of […]

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Extra help with school work

This site has links to several websites which offer tutorials and tests for math and language arts.  IT’s hosted by a community college, and the goal is to help students study for the accuplacer, but since many, many high school graduates are not even up to par on high school level skills in these areas, […]

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The Beauties of Nature and the Wonders of the World We Live In, Part I of X

CHAPTER I – INTRODUCTION of The Beauties of Nature and the Wonders of the World We Live In, by Sir John Lubbock Published in 1892 The world we live in is a fairyland of exquisite beauty, our very existence is a miracle in itself, and yet few of us enjoy as we might, and none […]

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