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The Wonderful World of Mathematics Reading Schedule

The Wonderful World of Mathematics by Lancelot Hogben Other resources: Plan to look at the moon every single night for a month and draw it on a calendar or chart created for the purpose. A biography of Sir Isaac Newton A compass and protractor The book Sir Comference The movie Longitude (optional) Timeline and world […]

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Books As Friends

“I have friends,” said Petrarch, “whose society is extremely agreeable to me; they are of all ages and of every country. They have distinguished themselves both in the cabinet and in the field, and obtained high honors for their knowledge of the sciences. It 32is easy to gain access to them, for they are always at my […]

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The Beauties of Nature and the World We Live In, Part II of X

Chapter 2 There is no species of animal or plant which would not well repay, I will not say merely the study of a day, but even the devotion of a lifetime. Their form and structure, development and habits, geographical distribution, relation to other living beings, and past history, constitute an inexhaustible study. When we […]

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What do you see?

In this city there are shiny, polished, air conditioned grocery stores with polished floors and coolers of meat and fresh fish on ice and refrigerated shelves of soft drinks and milk and eggs in cartons and fruits and vegetables wrapped in shrink wrap plastic and shelves full of processed, boxed, and canned goods. You might […]

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I didn’t even know CNN could go this low

You’ve probably heard that President Trump tweeted some gif somebody made that had a CNN block logo superimposed over an anonymous body at a professional wrestling match with Trump coming out of nowhere and body slamming the guy and then strutting off. My take was that was his response and victory strutt over the nonsense […]

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