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Gulaman drinks on hot days

I don’t make this, but I have seen the gulaman blocks at the store and wondered how one prepared them, and I do buy gulaman drinks on hot days.  They are indeed incredibly delicious and refreshing, and I do not ordinarily prefer drinks with texture and floating things.

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Literary analysis

Archetypes for Literary Analysis Seven page PDF How to use it- from around age 12 and up, two or three times a year consult it and pick a couple of the archetypes, read that description to your child, and ask if they can think of any characters or events from their books, movies, or games […]

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My Ideal Preschool Program

Reading Too Soon-  Excerpt: There is a widely held belief in this country (and many others) that if we start teaching children to read, write, and spell in preschool and kindergarten that they will be ahead of the game (and their peers) by first grade. We think that pushing our kids to start early will […]

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Registering your vehicle and solitude

One of our preacher friends supports his family of four by making deliveries. There are a lot of deliveries to be made here in the Philippines, because many people do not have cars, and they don’t trust the postal service, and all kinds of things are delivered- some are independent contractors who will pick up […]

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Fishing at Night

Once a week we have a Bible study at our house with some of the members of our congregation- where we are the only native English speakers.  Usually it’s pretty early in the morning because it needs to be before everybody goes to work or school, and Saturdays they are often travelling up into the […]

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