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From the Meaning of Life, by Jerry Solomon: Meaning: Gods Gift Think of all the wonderful gifts that God has given you. No doubt you can come up with a lengthy record of Gods goodness. Does your list include meaning or purpose in life? Most people wouldnt think of meaning as part of Gods goodness […]

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The Limitations of Knowing Logical Fallacies

Knowing logical fallacies has its limitations.  Also here. What this information is good for: Examining your own beliefs and why you hold them. Composing a logical statement. Winning formal debates. Sifting somebody else’s argument or statement to understand it and judge if it [the argument] is reasonable or not. Note: this doesn’t tell you whether […]

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Using the 1911 Enclopedia Britannica in a Course of Study “Search over 40,000 articles from four encyclopedias, including the original, classic Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th Edition.   The 1911 and 1889 versions of Encyclopedia Britannica are published here as a community project where anybody can edit/correct articles and add comments about the original encyclopedia articles. Thousands of corrections have already been posted and hundreds of […]

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This Explains a Lot (K-Drama Culture)

From the book Culture Shock! Korea, Sonja Vegdahl Hur and Ben Seunghwa Hur, the version I read was published in the 90s. You are at a party (in Korea) and start up a friendly conversation with a person you have met only a few times. One of the first questions he asks you is why […]

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Good Reads

Interesting and thoughtful essay on what’s wrong with the current movement to vandalize statues and topple cultural heroes.   Inebriates of Virtiue is an excellent, excellent read.  Here’s a taste: Yale’s new bureaucracy is called the “Committee on Art in Public Spaces.” Its charge? To police works of art on campus, to make sure that […]

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